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A New Sound

Our second OneMic is up and we are so excited to share it! Once again capturing the whole band with just a single microphone, featuring an unreleased original song 'I Called You Up'

About the series: John Cuniberti's OneMic series showcases recording artists performing two songs around one AEA R88 stereo ribbon microphone. What makes this series so different from other live performance videos is that the artist completely controls their presentation. This means that the sound, balance, dynamics, and stereo image are decided upon at the moment of creation, not in post-production. The artist (band) is responsible for the final product. Also, a high-resolution 4k video is shot with one stabilized handheld camera that hovers around the performers during their live performance. There is no editing of the audio or video. It's as honest as it can be, including imperfections. This organic presentation isn't limited to "acoustic" music, as seen with live classical and folk music. In this series, John will attempt to record bands with electric guitars and drums that would typically require a multi-mic, multi-track approach. This single microphone technique was quickly forsaken soon after the multi-track tape recorder was invented and, with it, a level of musical intimacy. The OneMic series will demonstrate the positive aspects of the minimalistic recording process of the 1930s but will be captured on modern recording equipment. The signal path for "I Called You Up": AEA R88 microphone – Millennia HV-3C preamp – Pro Tools @ 96K/24 bit. Sony Ar7II camera with a 1.8 35mm lens.


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