Song of the Mourning Dove

Original stop motion by Ismay

Featuring a song from their debut full-length record, 'Songs of Sonoma Mountain'

On the ranch where I live on Sonoma Mountain, there’s a bird that makes a low solemn sound, almost like the hoot of an owl. It’s called the Mourning Dove, named for the character of its call. The call itself is mostly a mating call, but the lonesome coo made me imagine a story I then created in stop motion. In the video as well as the song, two Mourning Doves meet, make a nest, and lay three eggs. As with actual Mourning Doves, one of the pair goes out during the day, and the other of the pair at night to bring back food. A storm rolls in, and one of the two is heading out to find food, and upon return finds that the nest has blown away in the rain and wind.

After coming up with this idea for a story for a song and stop-motion video, I found myself looking to record an actual Mourning Dove on Sonoma Mountain. I typically saw them all of the time, but couldn’t find one anymore. If you want to hear how I ended up finding the mourning dove, and the unexpected way in which it came to symbolize a death in real life, check out the vinyl or CD, as that story will only be found there.

When I Was Younger, I Cried

Our first song from the debut full-length record, Songs of Sonoma Mountain


Growing up, every time I’d hear a conversation about boys and girls, men and women I would just cringe—I wasn’t part of either group. At that time, I kept the pain of not belonging inside like a small sphere of heartache. I remember then hearing about the first kid from my high school coming out as non-binary, and I let that small heartache come out as tears welling in my eyes. But I wasn’t ready, and still hid the truth about who I was. As I realized I needed to share the truth about myself to be whole, I started with the person closest to me, then to my family, but what some people may not realize is that this process is not a single chance to come out, but a lifetime of sharing, explaining, and exploring the layers of gender. This choice to write and share this song is just one of those stages of coming out, and sharing my stories as a Cowbirl (combination of Cowboy and Cowgirl).

You're Dead | Norma Tanega Cover

Our first song from our cover song series s part of Songs of Sonoma Mountain


Cover of Norma Tanega's song 'You're Dead' originally released in 1966 on the album 'Walkin' My Cat Named Dog'


This live performance is from Ismay's project 'Songs of Sonoma Mountain', which includes a series of live performances of cover songs all on their family ranch on Sonoma Mountain in Northern California. This


Drums: Rob Mills

Bass: Owen Clapp

Vocals & electric guitar: Avery Hellman

Video: Pint of Soul, Dan Foldes


Our first short film by


Ismay's first short film 'Songs of the Klamath' recounts a story of hope, adventure, and loss, and the songwriting that comes for from it. After leaving college and beginning on the path to become musician, Ismay looked towards horseback travels to find purpose and inspiration. On her journey along the Klamath River, she encountered wild stallions, tragic tales, and remarkable people living and working along the Klamath River.


The final song on the film is about the story of a mustang who was on the trip, Odessa. She was born in the wild, captured by the US government when she was a year old, and then tamed and trained by an inmate in a Sacramento correctional facility. This song is written from the perspective of the inmate, and contemplates his shared experience of imprisonment with the formerly wild horse Odessa.


Filmed in the summer of 2017, this piece was produced by Pint of Soul and Ismay. 'A Song for Odessa' was written and performed by Avery Hellman.

"Innisfree" | Live Video by Pint of Soul

From Ismay's debut EP 'Songs from a River' Innisfree is a song about the ways in which nature hides in unexpected places. In the lyrics, dense city alleyways are likened to canyons and the movement of people to the tides. The song intentionally defies its namesake, The Lake Isle of Innisfree by W.B. Yeats, proposing an alternative view that reaches beyond privileged conceptions of nature as a serene rural landscape. This video was recorded in an old barn at Ismay's family ranch in Petaluma, CA. It was performed live in a single take. To find out more, visit

Song written by Avery Hellman Video by Pint of Soul

Vocals and Electric Guitar: Avery Hellman

Drums: Jon Payne

Bass: Owen Clapp

Electric Guitar: Henry Nagle

"Ramblin' Man"

Ismay's second live performance video, featuring the original song "Ramblin' Man", performed in the loft of the old sheep barn on the Northern California ranch where songwriter, singer, and guitarist Avery Hellman lives and works. 
Accompaniment by Jan Purat on the fiddle.

"River of Light (Through the Inland Empire)"


Ismay’s live performance video debut with accompaniment by Jan Purat on the fiddle. Filmed in an old barn at the ranch that has shaped Avery’s writing and playing, “River of Light (Through the Inland Empire)” features carefully constructed melodies and lyrics that dive into the intricacies of human relationships and how they connect to the world we see around us.

"Babylon Has Fallen"

This summer, Ismay embarked on our first ever horseback adventure. We traveled to the lost cities of White Pine County Nevada, one of the most remote areas of the United States, on a Ghost Town Tour. While there, we recorded an original song in one of the old abandoned brick buildings, entitled "Babylon Has Fallen." The name of the song comes from the words local newspapers exclaimed when they knew the city of Hamilton was heading towards ruin.

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"Palomino Motel"

The first original video from Ismay featuring the song also entitled "Palomino Motel." Released on April 24th 2015, it tells the story of a cowgirl/boy and a horse as they meet and embark on an adventure. The creator, director and songwriter for the video was Avery Hellman. Eric Feldman and Gabriel Shepard produced the track.