'Songs of Sonoma Mountain' is out today!

Today is the day! It's taken over three years to make this project happen from start to finish, and we can't believe it's finally out! You can listen on your digital streaming platform of choice (just search Ismay Songs of Sonoma Mountain), you can order Vinyl or a CD, or even download it for yourself.

Truly though, the this record is about connection to place. I didn’t realize it until recently, but whenever I talk with people about this idea, of making art with connection to place they keep saying that more people need that in their life. More people need to know what it’s like to see the same bobcat running up the hill and know where it likes to spend its time. More people need to be given the chance to notice when the frogs begin their calls as the season changes from wet to dry. More people need to be woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of an owl hooting outside their window. And the reason more people need these things, is because they are part of ourselves. We are nothing without the natural world, and it’s something many people need more of. The natural world makes us feel like we’re coming home. It makes us feel less alone. It makes us see how our actions and inactions affect ecosystems.

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