Premier in Glide Magazine!

Read the article and hear the exclusive track here

With just a week to go before our album comes out, we've got a premier out on Glide Magazine of our song entitled 'The 100 Mile View from Virginia City'

I was out in Virginia City Nevada, walking past a bar that boasted a “100 Mile View”. This idea intrigued me, and so I popped my head through the door, and there through a wide glass window behind the bar you could see the Nevada desert sage spreading out for hundreds of miles unobstructed. This was the most fascinating thing to me in that town, and I wanted to convey the mystery of such a place, so I wrote a song about it. I was listening to a lot of Leonard Cohen’s music at the time, and felt compelled to experiment with songwriting about a specific story/experience, rather than an emotion. A strange thing happened to me in that bar a while later. I had returned there after writing this song but before recording it—I wanted to get real sounds from Virginia City to put into the recording. So I stopped at antique shops and old miner’s shacks, and finally decided to return to record in the bar that inspired this song. I found a sign on the door that said “NRA fundraiser”, and when I looked inside there were a bunch of “cowboys” dressed in black coats and black hats. I walked in and was just getting ambience sound, pretending I was there for another reason besides recording, and got some cash from an ATM. When I got out of the bar, I was checking my recording device when two of those black coated men walked up to me. They asked what I was doing with that recording device. This made me very nervous because of the event, and because their outfits were intimidating by design. I told them “I’m recording sounds of Virginia City for a record I’m making”. They smiled and said “oh ok” and we both went on our way. The sounds of the city did make it onto this song, from flagpoles, tourist clocks, and creaking doors.

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