Our newest live video! Recorded in an old barn in Petaluma...

We are so excited to share our latest live video with you! It features a song off of our debut EP 'Songs from a River' entitled 'Innisfree'.

This is a song about the ways in which nature hides in unexpected places. In the lyrics, dense city alleyways are likened to canyons and the movement of people to the tides. The song intentionally defies its namesake, The Lake Isle of Innisfree by W.B. Yeats, proposing an alternative view that reaches beyond privileged conceptions of nature as a serene rural landscape. This video was recorded in an old barn at Ismay's family ranch in Petaluma, CA. It was performed live in a single take. To find out more, visit www.ismaymusic.com Song written by Avery Hellman Video by Pint of Soul Vocals and Electric Guitar: Avery Hellman Drums: Jon Payne Bass: Owen Clapp Electric Guitar: Henry Nagle

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