Redefining Success

We have finished our first section of the trip, and I'm learning most about redefining success.

It's been a very hard first few days, as our travel has been cumbersome, and certainty often evading us. We've passed by wild horse herds, stayed in a cabin on a stranger's ranch, and followed the river 35 miles now, from Keno OR to Hornbrook, CA.

As the first leg of our trip was covered in snow, there was a week's worth of travel along Klamath Lake that wasn't safe accessible or safe. It forced me to face the fact that I wouldn't be able to do the 300 miles I had planned. I'm certain now that I cannot make it all the distance I thought I'd have to do so this trip would appear the way I thought it ought to. Through this I'm learning a much better lesson, that what I truly care about on this trip are the stories of the people who live along the river. Each person I've met has been deeply fascinating and complex, and I'd rather focus on that then the miles I log, or the tedious length of the days. I'm learning that I define what my success is, and I must take joy in that which moves me, not what I think makes me appear impressive. We'll see what lessons I'll be learning as the weeks pass by, as Odessa, Atalaya, Fern, and I travel farther down the river, with Alyssa supporting us along the way.

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