Here we explore the way we humans change place, and the way place changes us through soundscape, song, and story.

The podcast is made as an accompaniment to Ismay's debut full length album also called 'Songs of Sonoma Mountain'

There will be 6 episodes in this first season, so subscribe, stay tuned, and immerse yourself in the world of Sonoma Mountain.

Episode 1: Moving to the Ranch
Introduction to this first season, 'Songs of Sonoma Mountain' which centers around the decision to move to the family ranch as a person in their 20s, hoping to find purpose, peace, and deeper meaning through connection to place. With stories about wildfire, symbols in the American West, gender identity in rural places, and ranching, WTWB takes you on a journey to meet the people, animals, and landscapes of Sonoma Mountain...
Produced by Avery Hellman
Mixed and mastered by Selena Seay-Reynolds

Where the World Begins: A Podcast about Connection to Place

Episode 2: A Ride with Lu up the Mountain
A few months ago, I rode my horse Lu up the mountain to check on a pasture. There with the horse, I found comfort in the ways horses interact with the world, providing an escape from the ways I don't feel I fit in. Horses are in many ways an intermediary between people and the natural world, and therein lies the opportunity for us to learn from them...
Co-produced by Avery Hellman & Alexander Charles Adams
Mixed and mastered by Alexander Charles Adams
Episode 3: From Gold to Green

I traveled a few ranch doors down to talk to my neighbor Byron Palmer. He's a cattle rancher, but he may say some things about land and cattle that you may find surprising.


Produced by Avery Hellman

Mixed and Mastered by Selena Seay-Reynolds

Editing help from Jasmine Huff


Sonoma Mountain Institute:

Grounded Grassfed:

Past Documentary Projects
Songs of the Klamath
An exploration of the connection between the arts and the environment through the story and landscape of the Klamath River

Ismay's first short film 'Songs of the Klamath' recounts a story of hope, adventure, and loss, and the songwriting that comes for from it. After leaving college and beginning on the path to become musician, Ismay looked towards horseback travels to find purpose and inspiration. On her journey along the Klamath River, she encountered wild stallions, tragic tales, and remarkable people living and working along the Klamath River.


The final song on the film is about the story of a mustang who was on the trip, Odessa. She was born in the wild, captured by the US government when she was a year old, and then tamed and trained by an inmate in a Sacramento correctional facility. This song is written from the perspective of the inmate, and contemplates his shared experience of imprisonment with the formerly wild horse Odessa.


Filmed in the summer of 2017, this piece was produced by Pint of Soul and Ismay. 'A Song for Odessa' was written and performed by Avery Hellman.

Horseback Tour
The Brothers Comatose

This September, Ismay embarked on a horseback tour with acclaimed Bluegrass/Americana band The Brothers Comatose. Riding through the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, the bands stopped along their route for three performances, culminating in a night at "the Fillmore of the Foothills"--The Auburn Event Center. Below are photos from the trip.

The Ghost Town Tour

In the summer of 2016,  Ismay embarked on our first ever horseback adventure. We traveled to the lost cities of White Pine County Nevada, one of the most remote areas of the United States, on a Ghost Town Tour. Check out photos below, as well as our DIY live video performance of "Babylon Has Fallen", recorded in one of the old brick ruins of Hamilton.

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Babylon Has Fallen

Purple Glass